CodeWeek Vratsa 2017

CW Vratsa 2017

On 14 and 15 of October 2017 “Akad. Ivan Tsenov” and “Sofronii Vratchanski” schools gathered the most innovative and eager to learn people from Vratsa and the region. For fourth year above 200 participants had to opportunity to practice different IT skills. 25 trainers from all around Bulgaria came especially for the event to share their knowledge and inspiration in the following topics

  1. Digital marketing
  2. E-commerce with OpenCart
  3. 3D printing
  4. Programming Basics
  5. Building mobile apps with Android
  6. Front-end – building web sites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  7. Making films
  8. Design with Photoshop
  9. Intro to machine learninng
  10. Quality Assurance
  11. Intro to Robotics
  12. Entrepreneurship
  13. Web Design
  14. Combination of technology and magic

The event was opened by the mayor of Vratsa, Mr Kalin Kamenov. For the first time there were a couple of common lections for all participants. The topics we Open Source and how to contribute in such projects.

Pictures from the event here.


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